2015-07-09-21-24-27Frequently Asked Questions

Who attends SICM?

Organists, Choral Directors, Praise-Team leaders, Choristers, Handbell Choir Leaders from across Canada and beyond, from every Christian denomination, and at every level of ability.

Am I under- or over- qualified for SICM?

No. The Institute prides itself on bringing the top figures in the field of church musical to share their experience and knowledge with church musicians at all levels of ability. In particular, both SICM and its guest faculty create a unique mixture of denomination, geographical origin, experience and ability based on the premise that anyone can learn from top-quality teaching, and that most musicians can learn from one other as well.

Who are the SICM faculty?

Each year, the SICM guest faculty engaged are the leading practitioners and thinkers in the field of western church music. Have a look at some of the history of the SICM on this website and you will see an impressive list of clinicians who have enriched the Institute and its members through its history.

How should I dress at SICM?

In keeping with the general atmosphere, dress is casual in general.

During the summer sessions of the SICM, the average daytime high temperature is 25°C (77°F), and the average overnight low is 17°C (63°F). As some of the facilities and venues are not air-conditioned, shorts and t-shirts might be more comfortable. Where there is air-conditioning, some might like some type of sweater.

Normally, each registrant receives a letter from the House Manager which includes more specific information about dress for a session if appropriate.

For the gala concert, members of the choir are asked to wear dark bottoms and an SICM shirt. Those who do not already have an SICM shirt may purchase one at Trafalgar Castle School during the session .