Governance and Constitution

SICM is governed by its members, the students and faculty that attend the Institute. Membership is granted on an annual basis and its affairs are conducted at its Annual General Meeting (held annually during SICM) and since 2001, through the year by the Board of Governors.

SICM Constitution

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors which runs SICM is by constitutional rule entirely volunteer. It consists of four appointed positions:

  1. Director
  2. Registrar
  3. Treasurer
  4. House Manager

and five elected positions:

  1. Publicity
  2. Venues
  3. Secretary
  4. Program
  5. Community

The Members of the Institute are its students, who are granted voting status annually at the Annual General Meeting by virtue of attending the Institute, in either part-time or full-time capacity.Throughout the year, feedback helpful in planning future sessions of SICM is received by the Board of Governors. Through this process, and in particular through the Annual General Meeting, the Institute Members are the ultimate directors of the Institute.

Responsibilities of the Board of Governors

The Board of Governors of SICM meets four times per year, including once during the Institute week, the Annual General meeting also attended by the broader membership. The members of SICM’s Board of Governors have specific responsibilities as outlined below.

Director: responsible for the Institute’s vision, program and faculty, and the de facto Chair of the Board of Governors. Overseeing all aspects of the Institute’s life and development the Director’s central roles are to guide the work and development of the Institute, and to coordinate the work of the Board.

Registrar: responsible for accepting and acknowledging registrations of Members attending the Institute, maintaining records of current and past members, and reporting on behalf of the Treasurer to the Board of Governors.

Treasurer: Since the Annual General Meeting of July 2006 the position of Treasurer is separate from that of Registrar. The Treasurer, although a volunteer like all other members of the Board is responsible for receiving, disbursing and accounting for the Institute’s funds, and fulfilling Revenue Canada reporting requirements for Charitable Organisations.

House Manager: is sole contact for, and is generally responsible for the Institute’s principal venue, Trafalgar Castle School, booking facilities for Institute Sessions held onsite, assigning accommodation and meal facilities to members staying onsite.

Publicity: responsible for release of Institute news, placing promotional announcements and advertisements in appropriate journals, answering media inquiries, building and maintaining denominational networks.

Venues: responsible for booking and dealing with Institute venues other than Trafalgar Castle School, including access, organ and piano tunings as needed, ensuring audio/video and other physical needs (tables, chairs, signs, etc.) are available and operating.

Secretary: responsible for keeping and distributing minutes of the Board’s meetings, handling official correspondence and general Membership mailings, design of the Institute brochure, web site, newsletter and other print materials.

Program: works with the Director in planning and implementing the program for the annual Session meeting in Whitby.

Community: responsible for keeping the SICM community connected, during SICM week and throughout the year.  Publishes the online SummerSong newsletter and other communications

Board of Governors

Director/Development:  Christopher Dawes  (Georgetown, Ontario)

Program:   Gordon Adnams  (Ancaster, Ontario)

Secretary/Registrar:  Dawn Duncliffe (Pickering, Ontario)

House Manager:   Jane Best  (Gore Bay, Ontario)

Treasurer:  Carolyn Hicken  (Uxbridge, Ontario)

Venues:   Barbara Breckenridge  (Whitby, Ontario)

Community:   Lianne Tan (Oakville, Ontario)

Competition Co-ordinator:   Adriaan Bakker (Whitby, Ontario)