Christian Spirituality:   Substance and Style for the Church Musician

From Sunday, July 6th pm to Friday, July 11th am, 2014
At Trafalgar Castle School, Whitby, Ontario, Canada


Typically, church musicians minister in a variety of Christian traditions which sometimes creates a healthy degree of wonder. Why is one clergy-person called a Priest and another a Minister? Is that an Altar or a Communion Table, and is there a difference? Why are psalms important to this congregation and not so much to that one? And can church musicians be fed spiritually when Sundays are workdays and the liturgical context is “strange” ?

SICM’s 45th session (July 6-11, 2014) focuses on understanding the spirituality of the major liturgical traditions of the Western Christian Church as well as offering church musicians the opportunity to discover and nurture their “spiritual style” .

  • Monday – Anglican/Catholic spirituality in worship
  • Tuesday – Reformed spirituality in worship
  • Wednesday – United Church spirituality in worship
  • Thursday morning – The influence of “charismatic” and evangelical spirituality in today’s worship
  • Thursday afternoon – Discovering your spiritual style

In addition to these special sessions, we look forward to studying with our core faculty, Lee Willingham (choir) and David Palmer (organ).

2014 Highlights

  • Final Round of the 23rd biennial Osborne Organ Competition
  • Choral and organ concert led by conductor Lee Willingham and organist David Palmer

2014 Daily Program

  • Daily chapel worship and a chaplaincy to church musicians, their challenges and issues
  • Daily classes in organ and choral music, including techniques and practical tools
  • Nightly choral rehearsals open not just to full-time students, but also to choristers wishing to prepare and perform in the final concert
  • Special Sessions and Chapel Services focusing on spiritual traditions:
  • Resident music display, store and reading-sessions by Music Plus of Kitchener, Ontario